Another Toddler Mom Blog

Snacks.  Moms love them. Kids love them even more. And my toddler is no exception.

When my daughter started eating at six months, we started with purées but quickly moved to baby led weaning because she was hungry and we were all for her eating solids if that’s what she wanted. Grabbing from our plates, she gnawed down on a steamed carrot and the rest was history. Our daughter loved to eat eggs, veggies, fish and rice.

Happy to sit at the table with the family and munch on whatever was being served.  Fruits and veggies were her dessert, blueberries being her absolute favourite. We’d put on one of our cotton scarf bibs in a darker colour, to protect from staining everything blue, and let her devour cherries and blueberries to her heart’s content. 

Little did we know that toddlerhood was right around the corner and we would take a sharp left turn down Picky Eater Alley!

Some days she mostly plays with food, eating a few bites.  Everything else goes flying! 

So on days like that, I started offering little snacks. All day. Toast and peanut butter. Half a peach and slice of tomato. Our day revolves around snacks, and I am happy because she’s enjoying eating, and also - I love snacks!  Sometimes very odd snacks: Some olives and black beans today.  Whole food when I can, crackers when she won’t.

Berries are still her absolute favourite, so we keep the freezer stocked and keep the baby bib on! 

She is learning to enjoy food and has healthy choices. And everything changes, as any toddler mom knows.