Another Toddler Blog

Another Toddler Blog

By Elyse Wright


Every mom has her gang.  Other moms, from whom she extracts parenting tips and tricks.


Mine include my sisters, a few close friends, my cousin, and ... Jillian Harris.


Jilly has been a source of inspiration for me, first with my home - borrowing from her style - and then her parenting approach - her blog has so many good reads on toddlers - and most recently her cook book is my favourite way to pass my “me-time”. 


In our house, my husband and I both work from home and split household tasks.  But since I love cooking, I volunteer to cook dinner almost every night.  He takes our daughter for a walk, or to the playroom downstairs, I throw my hair up in a scrunchie, and cook book in hand, I feel a sense of calm come over me.  It really is a spiritual practice, being present and focusing on each step, not skipping ahead or losing myself in a million other things as I do during the day cause life. I rarely get to focus on a single task.  Making dinner is creative and relaxing outlet for me.


From the Jilly cookbook, hands down our favourites are the Thai fish soup, which even my daughter loved, and the phyllo wrapped Salmon.  Her vegan chocolate chip cookies are so good they lasted one day on our counter!  


There’s lots more recipes I’d love try, so I’ll keep you posted mama!

XO, Elyse